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Benefit Management Solutions (BMS) is a full-service benefits administration company delivering a resource-intensive benefits administration and outsourcing experience. Our company is located on Long Island, New York and has been immersed in the benefits administration space for more than 14 years. Our solution is designed to support our clients’ Human Resources Department and their employees through a three-dimensional approach.
Online employee self-service, video, robust reporting, eligibility feeds, payroll files and more
  Benefits Administration
Staffed with Benefit Professionals encompassing Benefits Managers with years of experience and highly trained Benefits Representatives, Analysts and Administrators to handle all employee phone calls and emails
Supporting your enrollment and ongoing communication needs
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Your job demands you stay one step ahead
of your employees and your boss when it comes to news impacting one of the company’s highest cost items - benefits. We can help.
Well-designed programs with measurable results, newsletters and downloadable information on wellness.
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